…We end up with an electro-acoustic music that’s full of detail, drama and emotional resonance, but which leaves enough space for reflection. Meadow Rituals is a really special offering, completely open and affectless in its beauty while retaining a crucial air mystery. Highly recommended. “(Boomkat, UK)

“…There is an aura of arcane, including the esoteric and magic that penetrates the entire “Meadow Rituals” album. This effectively binds the general climate of stagnation, but also to the extreme expansion of sound and soul “ancient” music of the material…..” (OndaRock, Italy)

“…High and low at the same time, cultured and popular, acoustic and electric, thoughtful and spontaneous, improvised and written, sumptuous and simple so as to make it difficult to determine character, Lüüp is a project of opposites attract as well, overlapping perspectives…” (RSI Radio, Switzerland)

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