Lüüp is an international collective with no geographical boundaries, supervised by Stelios Romaliadis.

In 2008 debut album (Lüüp – Distress Signal Code) was released from French label Musea (Present, Daniel Denis, Shub-Niggurath, Eider Stellaire)

In 2011 second album (Lüüp – Meadow Rituals) was released by U.S. label Experimedia (Aaron Martin, Piiptsjilling, Jeremy Bible, Lawrence English, From the Mouth of the Sun, Celer and more)

2012 Pleq / Lüüp – The Redemption Bells EP is released from Wist Rec. (Ireland)

Lüüp has performed live in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey as a trio (with Sofia Efklidou & Lefteris Moumtzis), as a quintet (with Sofia Efkleidou, Lefteris Moumtzis, Lisa Isaksson & David Svedmyr) & as of 2016 with Sofia Sarri (vocals), Anna Linardou (vocals), Sofia Efkleidou (cello), Giorgos Varoutas (ac. guitar,fx) & Stelios Romaliadis (flute).


Stelios Romaliadis is also a member of Vault of Blossomed Ropes. site

Outside Lüüp he has collaborated with Steve Jansen, Lefteris Moumtzis (J.Kriste, Master of Disguise), Thanos Vavaroutas & Marina Skiadaresi (Housework & Shadowlike), Dimitris Papaspyropoulos, Serafim Tsotsonis, Eziak, Intravenus, Who Is Maiko, Seicho Suru Kigi, Hior Chronik, Stylianos Tziritas, Nikos Fokas.
Booking agency: Organizma productions

Lüüp collaborators

Lüüp collaborators on “Meadow Rituals” album (by appearance):

Stelios Romaliadis (GR) Flute, devices

Lisa Isaksson (SE) Vocals, Flute, Harp, Acoustic Guitar, Balalaika, Violin

David Svedmyr (SE) Mellotron, Zither, Bells, Guitar, Clarinet

Jennie Ståbis (SE) Vocals

Fotini Kallianou (GR) Cello

Katerina Papachristou (GR) Double Bass

Fotis Siotas (GR) Viola, Violin

Lefteris Moumtzis (CY) Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Alex Bolpasis (GR) Acoustic Guitar

Pavlos Mixaelidis (CY) Violin

Andria Degens (UK) Vocals

Giorgos Varoutas (GR) Electric Guitar

David Jackson (UK) Saxophones

Elsa Kundig (GR) Cello

Nikos Fokas (GR) Rhodes Piano

Nikos Papanagiotou (GR) Drums

Greg Haines (GER/UK) Cello

Georgia Smerou (GR) Bassoon

Georgia Konstadopoulou (GR) Cor Anglais, Oboe

Lüüp members on “Distress Signal Code” album (by appearance):

Stelios Romaliadis (GR) flute, loops

David Jackson (UK) tenor, alto & soprano saxophones, flute, loops

Lisa Isaksson (SE) vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, glockenspiel, percussion

Akis Boyatzis (GR) vocals, bass guitar, piano, keyboards, electronics

Eleni Adamopoulou (GR) vocals, keyboards, samples

Nikos Fokas (GR) mellotron, keyboards


Biography Notes of LÜÜP Collaborators:

logo_blank01Lisa Isaksson comes from Sweden. In 2009 she released her first album with her band Lisa O Piu called “When This Was the Future” from Subliminal Sounds and got internationally praised as her 2010 EP “Behind the Bend” also released from Subliminal Sounds. She has made a live album with Roger Wooton the singer/guitarist of the legendary Comus. She is also a member of Promise & the Monster. She has released an album in 2013 with Our Solar System David Svedmyr & Jennie Ståbis are also members of Lisa O Piu . link

logo_blank01David Svedmyr comes from Sweden. Associated with numerous bands like his personal Me & My Kites and Our Solar System, Cirrus Winery, Lisa O Piu & many more. link

logo_blank01English musician and songwriter Andria Degens has released five albums with her project Pantaleimon (now published on Domino records). She has collaborated with Current 93, James Blackshaw, Nurse with Wound, Hugo Race, Jeff Zentner to name a few. Although her personal creative resurgence, as Pantaleimon, propelled her across Europe performing at shows with Antony and the Johnsons, Baby Dee, Lightning Bolt, James Blackshaw, Six Organs Of Admittance, Current 93, 16 Horsepower, Matt Sweeney and Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Andria also carved out time to pursue other lines of creative flight, including her musical contribution to Cam Archer’s (director of Pantaleimon’s ‘We Love’ video) film, ‘Wild Tigers I Have Known’, as well as providing narration for a series of Archer’s short films. Andria Degens is published by Domino Publishing. Latest album “The Butterfly Ate The Pearl”.  In 2008, for ‘Heart Of The Sun’, Andria gave her album ‘Mercy Oceans’ back to the universe, entrusting artists such as Andrew WK, Stephen O’Malley, CarterTutti, Lilum and Fovea Hex, to remix her songs. link

logo_blank01David Jackson musician, composer and saxophonist for the legendary Van Der Graaf Generator. He has worked right across the musical spectrum, with artists including Peter Gabriel, Keith Tippett, Howard Moody and Peter Hammill. Today he is primarily concerned with using technology to enable severely disabled people to make music – ideally music for performance. Christened by The Guardian ‘Soundbeam Guru’, David Jackson has been featured on the Radio and TV, appearing on Tomorrow’s World. He is also an inspired Soundbeam trainer, system designer and builder. link

logo_blank01Anna Linardou uses her voice in all of its spectrum. The multitude of styles she performs comes from the exploration of the vocal qualities originated from classical to modern singing mixed with ethnic idioms. Her vocabulary is formed by switching between styles, incorporating free improvisation and structured form.Anna is the voice of Liminal Vanguard and of Vault of Blossomed Ropes ensembles. As a soloist, she has appeared in musical performances in Greece, Europe and USA. Among others, she has worked with the composer/conductor Andrea Molino, director Wouter Van Looy, the Camerata, the Ensemble “Manos Hadjidakis”, Lukas Karytinos, Zoe Zeniodi, and the music collective Luup. She has also performed with famous Greek musicians such as composer Thanos Mikroutsikos, Vangelis Katsoulis, Dimitris Tsakas, Haig Yazdjian, Jannis Anastasakis and many more. link

logo_blank01Sofia Sarri started her music endeavors as the lead vocalist for the post rock/trip-hop band Night On Earth in 2005, with whom she released two albums (Night on Earth, Outlandish 2006 & Second Hand, SONY BMG 2008). NOE’s breathtaking live shows became a trademark for the Greek indie scene influencing numerous bands with their long melancholic improvisations. Based in Athens she continued to perform and tour with the most accomplished local folk Singer/Songwriters , while studying music and singing, embarking in diverse numerous side projects such as recording for rock band Borderline Syndrome ( Stateless , 2012 ) and collaborating with jazz pianist Costis Christodoulou. At present she has just finished recording her debut album, Euphoria, on which she teamed up with some of the best contemporary Greek musicians. Euphoria was produced at In a Jam Studios (GR) and Abbey Road Studios (UK) combining instruments such as the Cretan lyra and the vibraphone with Autechre inspired micro beats bringing out Sofia’s own unique perspective on melody and songwriting. link

logo_blank01 Sofia Efkleidou earned her diploma from the state conservatory of Thesssaloniki and continued her studies at the Hochschule fur Music Koln and Trinity College of Music, with scholarships from the Greek State and “The Friends of Music Society”. She has performed in various concerts in Greece, Germany and England, with her repertoire ranging from Baroque to contemporary music.
She has played in live concerts and recorded with several Greek singers and artists.
Also she has collaborated several times with the National theater, and other theater groups, as well as dance performances.
Sofia Efkleidou has been collaborating with many Greek orchestras, such as the state orchestras of Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as the municipality orchestra of Thessaloniki, kamerata ensemble of Megaron in Athens, etc.
She has attended cello master classes with Alexander Baily, Rafael Wallfish, Richard Markson, Laury Blake…viola da gamba with Nima Ben David and the La Caccia group and contemporary music with the Ensemble Moderne Summer Academie.
Lately has developed a special interest for music traditions of the Mediterranean and Asia. Therefore she has studied with great musicians as Ross Dally, Omer Erdogdular, Derya Turkan, Erkan Ogur, Daud Khan Sadozai, Evgenios Voulgaris and Sokratis Sinopoulos, in the musical workshop of Labyrinth, based in Crete.
At the moment she is a member of the Ross Dally quartet, together with Kelly Thoma and Taxiarchis Georgoulis. The quartet collaborates also with artists such as Zohar Fresco, Bijan Semirani, Giorgos Manolakis, Ahmet and Omer Erdogdular and others.
Also Sofia Efkleidou together with Taxiarchis Georgoulis have formed a duet, orientated in the music of the Eastern Mediterranean, and playing also their own original compositions. Using the duet as a basis, they often colaborate with several other musicians.link

logo_blank01Lefteris Moumtzis Lefteris’ musical journey began at the age of six when he started learning the piano. At the age of fourteen he started taking saxophone lessons, and shortly after he joined his sister’s rock band playing the piano and later on as a singer. During his obligatory service in the Cyprus army at the age of eighteen he taught himself how to play the guitar, the bass and the drums and he realised that music was his path.
He studied music in Boston, Massachussetts and later on in Birmingham UK majoring on electric and upright bass. After that he lived for several years in London, UK, where he took part in many musical projects, while also organising his own music events. Meanwhile, he was keeping active in Cyprus organising festivals and events, like Dogstock Festival.
Upon his return to Cyprus he founded Louvana Records, with Andreas Trachonitis, an independant record label based in Lefkosia, Cyprus. He has also released several albums, performed in all the major festivals on the island, worked as a teacher, producer, music journalist, radio producer and theatre composer. link

logo_blank01Fotini Kallianou is a member of the band Didiniel, also plays with Matteus. link

logo_blank01Greg Haines is an English musician and composer currently living in Berlin, who specializes in exploring the middle-ground between the academic world of contemporary classical music and the freedom found in the desire to manipulate and experiment with sound itself. He has many releases on different labels, including his debut album “Slumber Tides” on Norwegian Miasmah label, “Until the Point of Hushed Support” on German Sonic Pieces. link

logo_blank01Fotis Siotas composer, violin/viola player from Greece. Siotas has worked with numerous artists in Greece including Thanassis Papakonstantinou, Dimitris Baslam, Giannis Aggelakas and many more. Member of the bands Sancho 003 and Sotires. link

logo_blank01Alex Bolpasis member of Holy Monitor & Who Is Maiko and producer/engineer of Artracks Studios. link & Artracks Studios

logo_blank01Akis Boyatzis founded SIGMATROPIC in 1997. Aptly named after a chemical reaction type, it soon blossomed from a single person home-studio project into an exciting full blown live band. SIGMATROPIC released a single “Air” & an album “Random Walk”, both on cool Greek indie label Hitch Hyke. In 1999 the EP “If You Were Me” helped to enhance their profile with a heavy airplay rotation. In 2002 SIGMATROPIC released to an unsuspecting public the Greek original version of “Sixteen Haiku And Other Stories” which was based on the poetry of the late great Nobel laureate George Seferis. The next instalment by SIGMATROPIC was the international version of “16 Haiku And Other Stories”, produced by Antonis Livieratos and Akis Boyatzis. This project was the English version of the previously mentioned Greek-sung album featuring 18 guest vocalists from both sides of the Atlantic. An astonishing list of musicians like Robert Wyatt, Cat Power, Lee Ranaldo, Carla Torgerson, James Sclavunos, Pinkie Maclure, Laetitia Saddler and more graces this enhanced version, delivering their own vocal interpretation to an English translated poetry over the same music. The next major step for the band and Akis especially was its participation in the production and songwriting of Carla Torgerson’s first album “Saint Stranger” released by Glitterhouse. in 2007 SIGMATROPIC released “Dark Outside” album. link

logo_blank01Nikos Fokas composer, sample treatment, programming for Vault of Blossomed Ropes, Black Lesbian Fishermen, Yellow Elephant Ensemble, Hanged Upon the Tree of Life, Tension Villa, Common Sense, Roasted. His debut album “The Eternal Creak of the Icebreaker” is out from Midira records. link

logo_blank01Giorgos Varoutas Born in Athens in 1980. He has a MD on electrical engineering. Giorgos studied jazz guitar and improvisation along with traditional instruments. Ηis main interest is the use of alternative approach to the electric guitar (w/use of effects, software, microsampling and prepared guitar). He is a founding member of Vault of Blossomed Ropes and Liminal Vanguard. He has worked as sound designer for contemporary choreography and has a solo project by the name Amans Machina. link


logo_blank01Nikos Papanagiotou is a member of the band Phileas Frogg. He has also worked with Loka (Ninja Tune).


logo_blank01“Magnitophono” is the music project of Eleni Adamopoulou, created on May 2007. Samples of the city’s noise create melodic stories and depict electronic dreams. She has collaborated with many artists, like Atom Numb, Harold Nono, Moabi, Pleq, Lüüp, etc. There are also another two music projects by Eleni Adamopoulou, “Manekinekod” with releases by Berlin labels, Monika Enterprise and Brigade music, and her new alias “Giganta”.
Releases: Crest 0003 Audio magazine (Japan), Playtime EP (Minuta records), Playtime album (2009), Homeparty (2011). link

logo_blank01Elsa Kundig is a member of Didiniel band. link


logo_blank01Pavlos Michaelides is a member of J.Kriste,Master of disguise band. link