logo_blank01 Canticles of the Holy Scythe (I, Voidhanger 2017)IVR088 LUUP - Canticles Of The Holy Scyth0012056593_100012010854_100012010858_10

Lüüp – Canticles of the Holy Scythe (slipcase CD – 2017 I, Voidhanger label)

Recorded at Artracks Studios

Produced by: Alex Bolpasis & Stelios Romaliadis

Mixed, Engineered by: Alex Bolpasis

Mastered by: George Priniotakis

Art direction and layout by Francesco Gemelli

Released by: I, Voidhanger (Italy)

Release: December 8th 2017

i. Γιατί Είναι Μαύρα τα Βουνά (Why Are The Mountains Black)

ii. 9˚=2˚ (Κόγξ ὀμ Πὰξ)

iii. The Greater Holy Assembly (Ha Idra Rabba Qadisha)

iv. Noctivagus (Apparition of Death)

v. Stibium (Triumph of Death)

vi. Зона (Mors Consolatrix)

i. Γιατί Είναι Μαύρα τα Βουνά (Why The Mountains Are Black) (music: Stelios Romaliadis, lyrics: Greek folk lament)



  • Anna Linardou
  • Sofia Sarri
  • Xenia Rodotheatou

Santouri: Ourania Lampropoulou

Piano: Dimitris Kakavoulis

ii. 9˚=2˚ (Κόγξ ὀμ Πὰξ) (music: Stelios Romaliadis, lyrics: Fra.M.E)


Vocals: Sofia Sarri

Viola I & II: Fotis Siotas

Cello I & II: Fotini Kallianou

Bassoon: Marios Kapilidis

Singing Bowls: Stelios Romaliadis

iii. The Greater Holy Assembly (Ha Idra Rabba Qadisha) (music: Stelios Romaliadis, lyrics: Fra.M.E)


Vocals: Sakis Tolis

Cello I, II, III & IV: Sofia Efkleidou

Percussion: Yannis Iliakis

iv. Noctivagus (Apparition of Death) (music: Stelios Romaliadis)


the Ghost Woodwind Ensemble

v. Stibium (Triumph of Death) (music: Stelios Romaliadis, lyrics: Fra.M.E))


Conductor: Myrsini Hatzikonstandi

Vocals: Bjørn “Aldrahn” Dencker

Viola I: Antonis Manias

Viola II: Panayotis-Daniel Arapoglou

Cello I: Sofia Efkleidou

Cello II: Lina Triantafyllou

Double Bass: Konstantinos Sifakis

Bassoon: Marios Kapilidis

Flute: Stelios Romaliadis

vi. Зона (Mors Consolatrix) (music: Stelios Romaliadis, phonetics: Anna Linardou)


phonetics: Anna Linardou

Piano, programming: Stelios Romaliadis

logo_blank01 Meadow Rituals (Experimedia 2011 – US)meadow rituals

Lüüp – Meadow Rituals (CD in tall 6 panel deluxe custom sleeve and 12inch Vinyl LP – 2011 Experimedia label)

Recorded at Artracks Studios

Produced by: Alex Bolpasis & Stelios Romaliadis

Mixed, Engineered by: Alex Bolpasis

Mastered by: George Priniotakis

Photography & Design by: Jeremy Bible

Released by: Experimedia (US)

Release: May 17th 2011

By purchasing this record direct from Experimedia you also receive a digital bonus album with remixes of Meadow Rituals by Aaron Martin, Jasper TX, Field Rotation, Hummingbird, Offthesky, Billy Gomberg and Dictionary of Ghosts.

1. Horse Heart

2. Taurokathapsia

3. Cream Sky

4. Spiraling

5. Roots Growth

6. See You In Me

7. Ritual of Apollo & Dionysus

8. Northern Lights

Meadow Rituals are presented by:

Stelios Romaliadis (flute)

Lisa Isaksson (vocals, balalaika, harp, flute)

David Svedmyr (mellotron, zither, bells)

Jennie Ståbis (backing vocals)

Fotini Kallianou (cello)

Katerina Papachristou (double bass)

Fotis Siotas (viola, violin)

Lefteris Moumtzis (vocals, acoustic guitar)

Alex Bolpasis (acoustic guitar)

Pavlos Michaelides (violin)

Andria Degens (vocals)

Giorgos Varoutas (electric guitar)

David Jackson (saxophones)

Elsa Kundig (cello)

Nikos Fokas (rhodes piano)

Nikos Papanagiotou (drums)

Greg Haines (cello)

Georgia Smerou (bassoon)

Georgia Konstadopoulou (cor anglais, oboe)

logo_blank01Horse Heart (lyrics by Lisa Isaksson)

Open Lyrics

Past the pine woods, after dark,

sings a lonely meadowlark

of horse hearts racing through the sky

in a line like flying geese

Black courser lift your head up high

feel the time is drawing nigh

when meadowlark has sung to end,

you‘ll run will make amend


Let your heart pound loud and clear,

to let them know you are drawing near

No need to ponder on the way,

your feet won´t stumble they won’t stay


First goes your kin, the goat,

carrying the earth

Then go you, courser,

with heaven tight to your girth

Then come the poets and the singers side by side

Be calm, courser,

you will soon be untied

logo_blank01Cream Sky (lyrics by Colin Somerwell)

Open Lyrics

There’s a little house

Of bright days

I live in this house

From time to time

logo_blank01Spiraling (lyrics by Andria Degens)

Open Lyrics

i go down, down to the river,

i go down, down to the river,

down to the edge, of the waters

flowing, flowing,flowing to the oceans


I stand still in time


wide open sky above the trees,

stars shining so  brightly

now I see


there you are, in your skin standing in the water

never thought I’d see you again,

never thought I’d see you again


shining eyes ,

glowing in the darkness,

you kiss my hand,

and in your arms I am,

perfectly adored

we’re spiralling , we’re spiralling

soaring to the  centre  of  all

galaxies, and stars and other worlds

logo_blank01See You In Me (lyrics by Andria Degens)

Open Lyrics

I love you

You help me see

See you in me


You are my mother

You are my father

You are my lover

My best friend


You are the River

And the Mountains

And the Sky

And the Sea


You are the River

And the Mountains

You are the Sky

And the Sea

logo_blank01Distress Signal Code (Musea 2008 – France)

distress signal code

Lüüp – Distress Signal Code (CD – 2008)

Released by: Musea (France)

Recorded at Artracks Studios

Mixed By – George Priniotakis & Stelios Romaliadis

Produced, Recorded, Mastered by – George Priniotakis

Release: 15-10-2008

Photography: Fotini Romaliadou & Aleksandra Radonich

Design: Anna Stratoudaki

1. Through Your Woods

2. Faith In You

3. Water

4. Sketches For Two Puppets i. blown with life ii. dance grotesque iii. farewell

5. From Here

6. Distress Signal Code

7. Our Waves

8. Urban Legend

9. Memories Of The Future

Presented by:

Stelios Romaliadis (flute, loops)

David Jackson (soprano, alto & tenor saxophones, flute, loops)

Lisa Isaksson (vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, glockenspiel, percussion)

Akis Boyatzis (vocals, bass guitar, piano, keyboards)

Magnitophono (vocals, keyboards, electronics)

Nikos Fokas (mellotron, keyboards)

logo_blank01Through Your Woods (lyrics by Lisa Isaksson)

Open Lyrics

Let me wander in reverb through your woods let me wander in reverb between these trees all the tracks they join together all the tracks they lead away Let me fill these quiet woods with some humming

let´s pretend it is the birds that flew away

all the trees are naked silver

all the paths are paved with leaves in these woods no path has no ending

in these woods no path has no start

all the meadows lay in fallow

all the grass becomes trees

logo_blank01Water (lyrics by Akis Boyatzis)

Open Lyrics

Staring at my angel’s shadow fly

I got mistaken for a stranger from the Northern skies

Seeing my sister deep below

The air is cold while the water flows

Waving at your remembrance long goodbye

Waving at your remembrance long goodbyes

And when the water is melancholic

And my breathing’ s alcoholic

That’s when I climb the ladder to the stars

And if the water flows to nothing

If the show leads to laughing

It’s when you say at least we could try

We could try

We could try

logo_blank01From Here (lyrics by Lisa Isaksson)

Open Lyrics

Härifrån, äger vi held världen/from here, we own the whole world


allt är vårt tills vi kommer dit/everything is ours until we get there


bränner solen gräset vitt/if the sun burns the grass white


reser vi för allt är ditt/then we go cause all is yours


härifrån/From here


  Härdifrån, känns allt som en film/from here, everything feels like a movie


en kvarglömd sko visar vart vi ska/a shoe someone forgot shows us where we´re going


allt passerar oss förbi/everything passes us by


kommer molnen reset vi/if the clouds come, then we leave


härfrån/from here

logo_blank01Our Waves (lyrics by Eleni Adamopoulou)

Open Lyrics

Se closed her eyes

She woke up in a dream

She did not know where to go, which way

She walked up

By the Sea

She watched the waves dancing

Like ballerines

She became one of them

One of us?


Can she go back?

No, she must stay here forever

Cause in this place

We are all made of Dreams

And we don’t want to go back

Only here

We can listen to Our Waves

Can I Dance?



Pleq / Lüüp – the Redemption Bells (EP) (Wist Rec. 2012 – Ireland)redemption bells

Pleq / Lüüp |The Redemption Bells| EP (3″ CDR) Edition of 120 Stamped and Printed on Cyclus 250g paper (100% post consumer waste, de-inked). Village map printed on marina 220g (at least 50% recycled, FSC)

Release date: July 20th, 1912 (Wist Rec.)

Photography by Konrad Krol

Sleeve design by Manfred Naescher.

1. The Redemption Bells (20:37)

presented by:

Bartosz Dziadosz: Drone, Cello, Field Recordings

Stelios Romaliadis: Flute



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photo 4

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photo 2

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